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Persons with Lived and Living Experience Reference Group

Ottawa’s Guiding Council on Mental Health and Addictions Secretariat is working to identify specific options and recommendations that response to the needs of the community for an effective 24/7 mental health and substance use crisis response. We are seeking authentic community engagement and consultations with diverse and marginalized voices who are often negatively impacted by the existing crisis response system. This work will be done through trauma informed lens and executed by a community development process that includes multi-stakeholder consultations.


To help us with this work, we sent a call-out for people with diverse lived/living experience of mental health problems, mental illnesses, and substance use problems, including family caregivers and people who have experienced the current crisis response system. This Reference Group will provide expert counsel and share their insights from the much-needed critical lens of lived experience. Participants will represent themselves rather than any organization.

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